WLS: First Month Menu

My older sister is considering weight loss surgery, and recently contacted me about what I ate the first month out.  We have pretty similar tastes, so she was curious what I liked and what worked for me, figuring that at the very least it would be a good start for her after she goes under the knife.  I shared with her what worked for me, but thought this would make a good post for the blog for everyone considering surgery or those who are immediately post-op.  This post is in honor of my sister, and the amazingly courageous decision she is currently considering, and in honor of everyone else who is at the beginning of their weight loss journey.

Now as a disclaimer, always talk to your surgeon and doctors and follow their instructions with regards to your eating plan.  I’m sharing what worked for me, based upon the parameters established by my surgeon, but that might not be true for everyone.  And, lets face it, you’re paying for a fancy doctor with years of experience to do the surgery, so I’d use that resource (and his educated staff) for all it’s worth!

My doctor put me on a strict liquid diet for one month post surgery, which seems pretty daunting at first.  Quite frankly, though, after surgery eating an ice pop will be difficult enough, you can’t even begin to imagine chewing real food.  (And, once you do graduate to the real stuff, know that you may feel like complete crap for a few weeks as your body adjusts, like I did.)  Now, that being said, by the end of the month you do start jonesing to chew something, anything – since you have yet to experience the waves of nausea brought on by chewing a 2 oz portion of fish – and here is where your multivitamin comes in.  I took the Flintstones Complete Chewable Multi-Vitamin (not gummy), and it was the highlight of my day towards the end of the month.

I was admittedly more strict with my eating plan than even the doctor required, but going into this process I decided to cut carbs from my diet and not look back.  So although I was allowed farina and oatmeal almost immediately out of the gate, I abstained.  My goal was to take in 64 grams of protein and 64 ounces of liquid every day.  For the first 2 days, it was a purely clear liquid diet.  After that, here is what my meals looked like:

Breakfast: plain, non-fat, no sugar added Greek yogurt, thinned with 2 tablespoons skim milk.  I flavored this with Truvia and vanilla extract most mornings, but investing in a selection of extracts is also great to add to your protein shakes.

Lunch: tomato soup.  This was by far my favorite food this first month.

Dinner: homemade chicken broth or  more tomato soup

Snacks: sugar free pudding, sugar free jello, or sugar free popsicles

All portions started at 2 oz and very slowly increased to 4 oz.  My protein shakes were made with water, and I always tried to have a glass of water or Propel nearby.  I also made sure to wait at least 30 minutes before eating and 1 hour after eating to drink any liquids.  How I felt while going through the first month menu is a subject for another day, but suffice it to say that you do your time and then sort of forget about how bad it actually is.  This menu worked for me, and I luckily had no issues with perforation during the “danger zone,” which is that first 30 days out.  Looking back and knowing where I am today, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

If you’ve already been through this process, what were some of your favorite Month One foods?

xoxo – SavvySleever


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