Weekend Recap: To Infinity & Beyond

Some weekends are lazy, filled with snuggles and sleep, and others are epic, filled with major changes and fun.  This weekend was the latter, and it will definitely go down in the books as one I will never forget.

CocktailB and I started this weekend with a date night on Friday at one of our favorite restaurants.  The food was amazing – I had a delicious grilled octopus appetizer as my meal – but my favorite part was the extra dirty Grey Goose martini they made me.  Sometimes a strong cocktail is exactly what you need to unwind from your week!

We also did CrossFit twice this weekend, despite the fact that B had to work on Sunday.  (To say I am sore today is an understatement!)  I was even able to sneak in some Muay Thai training with the owner of our gym!  I definitely need to work on keeping my guard up, but I think it was a valid first attempt at body work.

Finally, the most momentous event of this weekend (month, year?) was that B and I got our first tattoos!  We decided on matching double infinity signs to represent our relationship, and as an early celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary, which is next month.  I also love that they look like interlocking 8’s, which represent his birthday – August 8th.  Being Jewish, and a perfectionist, I did not make the decision to get a tattoo lightly.  But I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I’m incredibly excited that I now can always look down and see a reminder of our love.  Here are some photos from the process:


Me getting tattooed by my childhood friend, who is an amazingly talented artist.


B’s turn. This photo was taken the first time the needle hit his skin – he didn’t even flinch.


My handsome husband with his new ink.


My favorite shot of our tattoos.

How was your weekend?

xoxo – SavvySleever



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