Thank You’s

Growing up, my mother always made sure that I wrote thank you’s for every event – birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc.  To be honest, I always found it quite tedious and forced.  I knew how important it was to thank my friends and loved ones, but I would always stress over what to say.  How do I sound sincere when I’m writing 100 thank you’s at a time?  Moreover, how do I avoid just using the classic thank you formula and do something unique?  Inevitably, no matter what event I was writing them for, they always started sounding the same.  “Thank you so much for xxx.  I can’t wait to use it on xxx.  I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

Going through this process has only reiterated what my mother desperately tried to instill in me – the importance of saying thank you.  Specifically, the need to say thank you as much as I can to all of those who are helping me on this journey.  I would not be where I am today without my family and friends.  They think I am the strong one, but I get my strength from their love and encouragement.  So here is my (hopefully not lame) attempt at saying thank you to few special people.  This is not the first time I will be thanking them, and sure as hell won’t be the last, but there is no better time than now to say it again as I pass another milestone in my journey.  Plus, doing it here saves me some postage.  😉

My husband.  From my first thoughts about getting surgery to today, he has been by my side.  I could never begin to thank him enough for his love, support, and encouragement.  He has also been an amazing coach, pushing me every day to do more and succeed.  Thank you for getting up at 6:30 am, even though you could sleep for another hour, to walk with me.  Thank you for thinking I am beautiful, whether it be at 252 pounds or 210.  Thank you for telling me every day that you are proud of me, because it motivates me to do better for you and for me.  And thank you for being my partner, in life, in love, and in this journey.  I literally could go on and on about how much you have done for me over the last several months, and even the last several years.  Simply put though, you saved my life.  And you continue to save my life every single day.  I love you.

My parents.  I could never imagine seeing my child go through some of the struggles I have.  Nor could I imagine what went through my parents’ minds when I called a family meeting and first told them I was going to get surgery, or when my mom saw me wake up in the PACU (post anesthesia care unit) half awake with blood on my face since I bit my lip when being intubated.  But, no matter what I was going through my parents gave me unwavering strength and support.  My mom is my constant sounding board, and we talk about how I am feeling and my progress on the daily.  Thank you for listening to my endless chatter.  Thank you for helping give me the shots of Lovenox after surgery, and holding my hand as I walked through the hospital and around my courtyard once I got home.  And, thank you for always being positive and bringing a smile to my face.  I am also constantly astounded by my father’s strength and resolve.  Thank you for standing by my side while I was waiting to go into surgery and making me laugh.  Thank you for making me an absurd amount of jello cups and homemade broths to get me through my liquid phase.  And, thank you for lighting up every time you see me.  The pride in your eyes makes my heart smile and gives me the motivation to continue busting my ass.

My sister.  There is something you should know about my little sister…  she has one of the most ridiculous bodies you will ever see.  She is g o r g e o u s.  She is definitely one of those girls that I would be intimidated by if she wasn’t my own blood.  (And she has an amazing personality to boot – not fair, I know.)  But it doesn’t matter that she could model bathing suits for a living, she never once judged me.  Thank you for seeing me as your sister and not some chubby girl.  Thank you for never making me feel uncomfortable about my weight.  Thank you for always being sure to give me a compliment whenever you see me – coming from you, they mean more than you could know.  But most of all, thank you for making me laugh.  I know you took this on as your “role” with this whole process, but I will never forget you cracking me up in the PACU or your good natured ribbing after I got tipsy from 1 oz of liquor on New Year’s Eve.  You are an amazing friend and sister, and I am lucky to have you in my life.


So here is my challenge for you: tell someone today “thank you” for inspiring, helping, or motivating you… for making your life better, easier, or more interesting… for making you laugh, cry, or brightening your day… or for all of the above.  Be specific and let them know why you are thanking them.  Don’t wait until a holiday or special event to express your gratitude, because there is no day like today.  (Cheesy, I know – but it is true.)  And, thank you for taking the time to read my site.  I am inspired everyday by all of the people I follow on twitter and blogs that I read.  I only hope I can do that for someone else one day.

xoxo – SavvySleever

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