My Running Playlist

Recently I started training for my first 10K, and admittedly I am not the fastest runner out there.  (I’m pretty sure most people can walk quicker than I can run… I blame my short appendages.)  This means I spend a lot of time out there during my longer runs, and need the extra motivation of music to keep it interesting.  Below is my current running playlist, which as you will see is mainly a mix of rap and pop songs with excellent beats to keep my tempo up.  My husband can run to entire albums that I would consider pretty slow, but I find the fast paced nature of these songs give me a much needed boost of energy!

Playlist1a Playlist2a Playlist3a Playlist4a

Fun Fact: I start every run with Human Wheels, both because I find it symbolic of the run I am about to do and it is now a good luck thing, and then just let it shuffle through the rest.

What are some of your favorites for running?  I’m always looking for suggestions!

xo – SavvySleever

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