October Fun (Part I)

Happy Monday, Everyone!  I hope you had an amazing weekend filled with lots of fun fall activities!  Unfortunately, for me, I was laid up with a terrible cold most of the weekend, but I was still able to sneak in some fun fall events.  October is always a special time for my husband and I, because among many other reasons, we met at a Zombie Walk!  He is more into the horror aspect of this time of year than I am, but his influence has definitely rubbed off over the last four years and sugar skulls were even found at our wedding!

These were displayed on our Sweetheart Table.

These were displayed on our Sweetheart Table.

Despite being one of his busiest times of the year, we always manage to pack this month with lots of fun haunted houses, movies and decorations (for him), and pumpkin picking (for me).  To kick off the first weekend in October, B and I decided to go to the opening of Gone Girl, which is a movie based on a book from one of our favorite authors – Gillian Flynn.  From the first time B saw the trailer he decreed that this was an October must, and even though I was under the weather, we managed to fit in a very fun date night at one of our local dine-in theaters.

IMG_2046B and I both absolutely loved the movie and we highly recommend you check it out!!  And, if you’re looking for some creepy reading this month, try picking up Gillian Flynn’s other books – Sharp Objects and Dark Places.

Also, to get in the Halloween mood, here is a recent at-home CrossFit workout I came up with that is called the “Frightening 50” Workout.  It doesn’t require any equipment, and is meant to be a quick way to sneak in a total body workout.  Hope you enjoy!

50 WorkoutSince this is such a special month for us, I plan on chronicling our October activities in a series on the blog, including some of my favorite fall recipes and workouts for when the weather gets cold!  Check back soon for more!

xoxo – SavvySleever


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      Savvysleever says:

      Thank you so much & welcome! I’m from the tri-state area and they have a bunch of zombie events here. In fact, they just had the annual zombie walk in Asbury Park, NJ, which has been a world record holder for most zombies in a location! 🙂

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