Happy Halloween

IMG_2342Wishing everyone a happy, safe, & spooky (of course) Halloween!!  As I mentioned here, Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday of the year, so we will definitely be celebrating tonight with some scary movies, family, and fun snacks.  What’s on the menu?  Shrimp, mussels, pizza, mozzarella sticks, & hummus with chips and vegetables.  I’ll be sticking with the seafood and hummus, but my sister’s boyfriend is a guy in his 20’s (and eats like it), so we bulked up the menu with some boy favorites to keep him satisfied.

GarlandSpeaking of sticking to the healthy options, here are my top 3 tips for avoiding the candy bowl on Halloween!

1. Only buy candy you don’t like.  This is an easy way to avoid eating more candy than you give away to trick-or-treators!  Personally, Butterfingers have never held that much appeal for me – I think it is the getting stuck in the teeth thing – so that’s what we’ll be stocking up on this year.

2. Make your own candy.  There are endless recipes online for healthier versions of your favorite candy bars, which will cut down on the excess unhealthy ingredients and preservatives that go into the real thing.  My husband is a bit of an almond butter fanatic, so I definitely see me making these Chocolate Almond Butter Cups from PaleOMG in the near future.  Also check out this receipt for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, and here is a recipe for homemade paleo Almond Joys!

3. Eat with your non-dominant hand.  Research shows that you will eat up to 30% less by using your non-dominant hand.  (This is also a great trick to avoid mindless snacking throughout the year!)  So, next time you reach in the bowl, make sure you use your other hand.  Sorry all you ambidextrous people, you are out of luck on this one!

What are some of your favorite tips & tricks for avoiding candy overload during Halloween?

xoxo – SavvySleever

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