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Getting through the first few months after weight loss surgery is not always easy, but I’ve made a list of my top ten must-haves that helped me.  I’m not sure I would have been able to survive without a few of my favorite things!

  1. Gas X – This was a lifesaver the first few days after surgery.  While it apparently only helps the gas in your upper quadrant, i.e. it is not a substitute for some flatulence, it is incredibly helpful at making the gas pains bearable, especially before you are able to pass any gas at all.  I was miserable after surgery as it literally took me 3 days before I was able to pass any gas.  Desperate and in pain, I did a lot of research online and came up with this product.  (As an added plus, the link has a $1.00 coupon!)
  2. vitaminsFlintstones Vitamins – For the month following surgery I was restricted to taking just a multivitamin.  After doing research about the types of chewable vitamins, I settled on Flintstones.  Besides the added benefit of some serious nostalgia, this chewable vitamin boasts less than 1 g of carbs.  Plus, when you are dealing with a month of liquids, this was a welcome daily crunch.  (This link also has a $1.00 coupon in the bottom right hand corner.)
    del monte
  3. Del Monte No Sugar Added Grapefruit – I am OB-SESSED with this product.  I found that I needed a nightly sweet snack, and after surgery that didn’t leave me many options.  While it admittedly has more carbs than I usually like to eat in a serving (10 g), it only has 45 calories per 1/2 cup!  The no sugar added option is sweetened with Splenda, and is the perfect sweet and tart snack.
  4. Sriracha – I have always loved spicy foods, and discovered sriracha 3 or 4 years ago.  It is the perfect condiment to add to just about anything – hummus, broth, chicken, veggies, etc.  Zero calories… let me repeat ZERO calories, and tons of flavor.  Moreover, Dr. Oz said it can help boost your metabolism and reduce belly fat – not too shabby!
  5. T-Fal Actifry – Before surgery I only used my T-Fal to make french fries and chicken wings.  Believe me, it was well worth the cost for those two items alone.  (If you are unfamiliar with this product, it boasts being able to make french fries with only a tablespoon of oil!)  But since I had surgery, I started to use this kitchen appliance for more and more.  My latest creations?  Greek shrimp (shrimp cooked with cherry tomatoes and topped with a bit of low fat feta cheese) and salmon teriyaki stir-fry (salmon with sugar snap peas, onions, and baby portobello mushrooms).
  6. upJawbone Up – I got this device right before surgery as an early Hanukkah gift from my husband.  It not only tracks your daily steps, but it also keeps track of your sleep and gives you helpful health tips.  I try to average 6,500 steps a day and 8 hours of sleep.  While I’m not a huge fan of the food tracking, it links up nicely with programs such as MyFitnessPal, which is a much better option.
  7. Crossfit – I have tried just about every exercise craze, and nothing is like crossfit.   Crossfit is a core, strength, and conditioning program.  The workouts perpetually change, which helps avoid boredom and plateaus.  Personally, I want to feel like I got my butt kicked after a workout, and this always
  8. Nike Free – I tend to have a difficult time finding comfortable sneakers because I have a high top of my foot.  (Actually, it is a more pronounced medial cuneiform bone, but no need to get technical.)  Inevitably, my foot would start to get numb from the pressure of most sneakers, but these are definitely worth the investment.  I like the minimalist feel and they come in lots of jazzy colors.  I love working out in flashy shoes!
  9. Salmon Sashimi – I’ve written about salmon sashimi a lot, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think it is just about the most perfect food.  It is packed with protein, delicious, and has an almost indulgent quality.  I eat it about 2-3 times a week, and it has become my go to food when eating out since it is one of the few things I can eyeball the right portion of.
  10. scaleFood Network Scale – This ties into number 9 and my need to keep to my strict 4 ounce portions.  After surgery my dad went out and bought two of these – one for my house and one for my parents.  Since surgery, I measure everything I eat.  This might sound obsessive, but I think it is a great way to keep me on track and avoid what I am sure would be the terrible feeling of overfilling my sleeve.  I’m sure any brand would work, but I’m loyal to Food Network as it has served me so well.


Hope you all enjoy!

xo – SavvySleever

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