Fast Fifty Fall Workout

With Thanksgiving next week, and the rest of the holidays shortly thereafter, it is more important than ever for me to make time to get in a workout each day.  (I don’t know about you, but even if I can successfully avoid the temptation of holiday treats at parties, I always seem to be eating a lot of take-out around this time of year, since I’m generally too busy to cook!  I like to balance the extra calories and sodium with some sweat sessions during the holiday season.)  Some days, that means a lengthy weight training session or an hour of yoga, and some days that means I have to fit in as much as possible in the only 10 minutes I have free.  Cue my “Fast Fifty Fall Workout,” which is designed to be a total body workout in only 10 minutes!

If you have some extra time, feel free to repeat the circuit once more through, or if you are an over-achiever, you can do three rounds.  ;  )  You should do each exercise at maximum effort for the 50 seconds before taking your 10 second rest.  Feel free to add weights to your squats and lunges for an extra challenge.  And, yes, I do realize that burpees are on the list twice, but that’s because they are the perfect exercise.  Not only do they work your entire body – arms, glutes, core, etc. – they also provide a no-joke cardio workout when done in rapid succession.

Fast Fifty WorkoutWhat are some of your favorite quick workouts?

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