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Farmer's Market VolunteerAs you guys already know, I’m a huge proponent of locally grown food!  (I’ve already talked about it here, here, and here.)  The short version of why is that locally grown produce generally has more nutrients and flavor since there is a much shorter duration from harvest to table, and I personally love that I know exactly where my food is coming from.  It is also better for the environment and you have the added benefit of supporting local farmers – not huge conglomerates.

This is my second year in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, which has again been an amazing experience, but I decided that I wanted to up my game even more this season to include some volunteer work.  So after doing research, I found out that I could volunteer for the local farmer’s market in my town – I was actually inspired by some amazing friends in Ohio that do the same – and I immediately contacted the Manager for more information.  Being excited as I usually am about these things, I actually contacted him in January to make sure that I threw my name into the mix early enough, and he assured me that come May we would start the planning process.  #EagerBeaver

My first shift as a volunteer was this weekend, and I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from the day.  It was overcast and bit drizzly at times, but even still it was amazing to see the turnout we had from those in our town and the surrounding area.  As a volunteer, I was able to make connections with some of my favorite vendors from previous years – hello, Mr. Pickle Man – and started to build a deeper connection to our community, which is incredibly important to B and I since we plan to raise our baby here.

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Already creeping on Mr. Pickle Man.

Already creeping on Mr. Pickle Man.

Olive the Farmer's Market.

Olive the Farmer’s Market.

Tomatoes Farmer's MarketAlthough I’m not scheduled to work this weekend, B and I are already planning to do a quick lap of the market and pick up some treats for our ride up to CrossFit.  It will be my first time back in about a month, so I’m looking forward to some delicious fuel for what I’m sure will be a killer workout.  (Wish me luck!!)

If you haven’t already checked out your local farmer’s market, I highly suggest it… you’ll get amazing food, at great prices, that you can feel good about – a winning combo!

What are some of your favorite things to get from the local farmer’s market?

xoxo – SavvySleever

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