Savvy Shopping Series: The Cascading Cardigan

Cascading Cardi from Overstock / Blazer from H&M / Ankle Pant from Old Navy / Skinny Belts from Kohls

Cascading Cardi – Overstock / Blazer – H&M / Ankle Pant – Old Navy / Skinny Belts – Kohls

I’ve been asked many times how I managed to look pulled together after surgery and as I progressively lost the weight.  Admittedly, I lived in sweats those first few days out of the hospital, but as an attorney I did not have the luxury of dressing down once I was back to work.  Dressing the part was a must, but so was not breaking the bank.  (Since November I have went from a size 18 to a size 12, and could not afford to replace my entire wardrobe at every size!)  Along the way, I have developed savvy tricks and tricks to use what I already have and add only key pieces to my wardrobe that were reasonably priced – knowing that they would probably be too big in a few months anyway – and I’d love to share!

SavvySleever is more than just about food and fitness – although I do love to write about Crossfit and healthy snacks!  It is meant to be a holistic lifestyle blog that hopefully everyone can take something from.  While my body more rapidly changed due to the surgery, and therefore the clothing issue was more pronounced, anyone who is losing weight can relate to the equally exciting but also slightly annoying experience of nothing fitting, this time because it is too big.  

The first key piece of clothing in my Savvy Shopping Series is the cascading cardigan, aka the draped cardigan, the waterfall cardigan, or the relaxed open front cardigan.  This is the perfect piece for right after surgery when you’re swollen and tender, and a comfortable way to look pulled together.  As you start shrinking, try belting the cardigan to show off your waist!  I recommend that you don’t go too thick of a weighted fabric, or it can get bulky.  However, as an added positive, the front panels are supposed to have extra material, so as long as the sleeves fit you are golden.  This type of cardigan is the perfect layering piece and can go from the office to weekend wear.  Also, this item is even good for summer, just switch up the length of the sleeves, the weight of the material, and color!

As mentioned above, when I’m adding a new item to my wardrobe, it is important that it I can get a good wear-for-my-dollar ratio out of it.  When you’re quickly transitioning in the weight department it is not the time to start investing in expensive items, unless you have a disposable income or a tailor on speed dial.  Some may call me cheap, but I prefer to refer to myself as a savvy shopper.  🙂  Here are some great, and reasonable, options for the cascading cardigan.

Cardi Collage USE2

Starting from the top left and going clockwise: Loft Linen Blend Waterfall Cardigan in Forever Navy ($54.50, plus 40% off with Coupon Code “ONBOARD”) / Isabella Rodriguez Open Women’s Cardigan in Ivory (Black & Navy available, starting at $34.99) / Mossimo Women’s Open Front Cardigan from Target in Blue Crab ($22.99) / Draped Sleeveless Cardigan from Forever21 in Heather Gray ($15.80) / Drape Cod Cardigan from ModCloth (on sale for $26.99) / Popana Super Soft Open Front Drape Cardigan from Amazon in Magenta ($15.98 – $19.98 – available in 21 colors!)

Hope you enjoy!  Send in pictures of how you are rocking your cascading cardi this summer….  I’d love to see them!

xo – SavvySleever


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