Day in the Life: One Month

Jake One MonthI’ve always been a fan of reading people’s day in the life posts, whether it be about their time with their little ones or what they eat during the day.  Call it morbid curiosity about how the other half lives.  I totally eat it up.

Day in the Life posts are also like tiny snapshots, mementos if you will, of what someone’s life is like at a given time.  And, let’s face it, on the 2 1/2 solid hours of sleep I’m currently averaging there is absolutely no way I’m going to remember the details of how Jake and I spend our days down the line.

So for your amusement – and mine – here is a Day in the Life of Jacob and I from yesterday, when he was a little over the one month mark (but just two days after his original due date should have been).  Enjoy!

As a side note, since our little one is still eating around the clock, Bryan and I have taken to doing shifts during the night.  Sometimes, that means Jake stays in his bassinet and one of us half dozes, calming him down when he starts to grunt and stir.  Other nights, our shifts involve lots of Apple TV while the other one sleeps peacefully in the bedroom.

Fortunately (or not – it is so hard to tell), last night was one of the bassinet nights; this meant that B and I got to spend the night together (a rarity), but it also meant that neither of us got a good night’s sleep.  I took most of the shifts watching over our little one, but B was there to help with the bottle portions of feeds and to hold him when I needed to pump.

12:40 am – Jake wakes up and we feed him 2 oz of breast milk.

1:44 am – Jake’s still hungry, so I feed him again.

2:50 am – Jake’s still hungry – seriously, my newborn is a bruiser – so we breastfeed for 20 minutes, after which I pump.

3:28 am – Jake has what possibly is the largest poop ever.. it goes on and on, he poops on the changing table, 2 diapers, and Bryan’s hand.

3:45 am – Yep, you guessed it – hungry again.  After this feed, B and I go back to bed.  B sleeps peacefully and I wake every 5 minutes either because of Jake’s incessant grunting (seriously, why would anyone want to “sleep like a baby”; anyone with a newborn knows that saying doesn’t make any sense) or to check that he is breathing because he hasn’t made a sound.

5:30 am – Jake eats some and falls back to sleep.  I wake B up to take a shift because I’m so tired it hurts at this point.  (Note: I only slept 2 1/2 hours the night before.)

6:55 am – He eats again.

7:20 am – I kid you not, we feed again – this time both breastfeeding on me as well as a bottle.  While B does the bottle I sneak out to get coffee for my day ahead.

8:00 am – Snuggle with the baby as I eat my Dunkin Donuts’ breakfast over his head.

9:11 am – Jake’s still hungry so he gets another bottle.  I pump.

10:15 am – Make beef enchiladas for dinner, finish my coffee, and congratulate myself on what a good day it is going to be as Jake sleeps peacefully in his Rock and Play.

10:50 am – Breastfeeding followed by a bottle.

12:15 pm – I congratulated myself too early.  Jake starts screaming/crying.  (This continues on and off – although mostly on – throughout his next few feedings until around 4 pm.)

12:30 pm – Breastfeeding followed by a bottle.  I sneak in a pumping session, and make myself some oatmeal for lunch, but abandon it when Jake starts crying again.

1:00 pm – I take Jake to look out the window, we talk about our day, I sing him a few songs… Jake still cries.  I pump through the cries then proceed to spill my just pumped milk all over my computer as I try to get to a crying Jake.  Computer is fine, but I’m heartbroken about losing the milk.

1:30 pm – Jake settles down and snuggles with me, GG (our dog) goes crazy when the neighbor walks by our window, Jake wakes up and starts crying again.

1:36 pm – He’s still hungry… so I feed him another .5 oz of breastmilk.

1:42 pm – Another .5 oz.

2 pm – Eat cold oatmeal that I had previously abandoned.

2:20 pm – Jake’s still scream crying so we brave the weather for a quick walk outside to calm him down.

2:30 pm – Jake is finally quiet in his vibrating chair, and I haven’t peed since B left for work.  I refuse to risk moving him, so I FaceTime B at work so he can “watch” Jake while I run upstairs to the bathroom.

3:20 pm – Jake’s still scream crying so I start playing him Christmas music to settle him down and sing along.  Thank you, Pentatonix.  We sing for the entire CD, twice through.

3:36 pm – More feeding as we sing.

4:00 pm – My dad shows up after my 911 call to my parents after so many hours of Jake crying and GG barking.  Dad holds Jake so I can take a shower and enjoy the quiet for a few minutes.  Of course, Jake is a perfect gentleman the entire time my Dad is here, causing my Dad to doubt my account of how we spent our day.

5:01 pm – refreshed from my shower and a quick brush of my teeth (yes, it took until 5 pm to accomplish this feat), I feed Jake again.  I also pump again.

6:11 pm – Jake’s still hungry so I supplement with a bottle.

6:24 pm – More bottle feeding.

7 pm – I get Jake settled in his vibrating chair and warm up a beef enchilada.  I quickly scarf it down in between calming Jake as he fusses.

7:40 pm – Jake is finally sleeping quietly when GG decides its a good time to mess with him give him kisses, thus waking him up.

7:46 pm – Another feeding as I work on this post one-handed.

8:15 pm – B gets home and I breathe a sigh of relief.  He tells me about his day as I finish up Jake’s feed.

9:10 pm – B takes Jake; they watch some WWE together as I pump some more.  In fact, since I’m a masochist so concerned about increasing my milk supply, I do a little power pumping.

9:45 pm – after prepping a bottle of breastmilk for Bryan to have on hand and sterilizing all of our bottles/pumping equipment I head upstairs for my sleep shift.  B feeds Jake while I’m passed out.

11 pm – Jake has another massive poop and I wake up to his hysterical crying as B changes his diaper.

12:30 am – Jake is hungry again, we feed and I take a 4 1/2 hour shift so B can sleep.  We do lots of feeding, snuggling, and even manage (if you’ll believe it) a bit of sleep.

xoxo – SavvySleever

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