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HeartWith B’s busy season at work kicking into high gear, and my schedule being what it always is, we unfortunately haven’t had much alone time together over the last few months.  (I have even taken to falling asleep on the couch most nights so that I can be near him when he is up late writing, which has been great for our relationship, but hell on my neck!)  Although, nothing can compare to our first few years together when he would stumble in at 4 or 5 am from a shift and I would wake up just to spend an hour together before I would have to get ready for law school or work.  Looking back, it’s pretty amazing we made it through having such opposite schedules, especially at such a critical time in our relationship.  But, even though our situation has gotten markedly better, we still crave our couple time each day.

Although it doesn’t ease our frustration, I know we are not alone in this.  (It is a common conversation with my girlfriends, in fact, and we all vent about wanting some more quality time with our significant others.)  And, to be honest, B and I are not doing anything to help ourselves out; when we are miraculously off together on a day, we tend to over-program it with all the stuff we never otherwise get a chance to do – family get-togethers, food shopping, CrossFit, seeing friends, etc.

Recently, we finally got to the point where we had enough.  Some things had to change, and our busy schedules with work just weren’t going to be one of them.  So, B and I got together and decided we would start a monthly date night – a chance to get together, reconnect, and ignore everyone else for just a bit.  We decided that one night a month, for just a few hours, we would pick an activity or get dressed up for a fancy dinner – really it could be anything.  Admittedly, we sometimes even use these date nights as “family meetings” to touch base on upcoming responsibilities, but even when that happens it feels like we are being a team, which brings us closer together.

Sometimes, it is even necessary to get a little creative to fit in these “date nights,” and I do use that term loosely.  One month, it was a trip to the mall for some SmashBurger and froyo.  Another, it was an early bird special dinner at our local Italian restaurant.  Yesterday’s date “night” was a late lunch and trip to Barnes and Noble for a new book for B.  And, next month – provided the weather cooperates – it will be a daytime walk along the Greenway, a linear park extending through several neighboring towns.

In researching ideas for future date nights online, I stumbled across this Date Night Quiz from The Dating Divas.  (Seriously, their website has tons of great projects, with plenty of free printables, so I recommend checking them out!)  The Dating Divas’ Quiz and Interview are free printables and give you information about what kinds of activities and dates your partner might like.  I plan on having B fill out a version this weekend!  My favorite part is that there are many questions tailored to give ideas for non-restaurant type dates – the common default – so there is plenty of material to get creative with.

Here, are my responses to their Pop Quiz.  ::: wink, cough, hint, B :::

Dating Divas Pop QuizWhat are some of your favorite date night activities?

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