Daily Eats: Part II

Second trimester has brought on what I like to affectionately call my “hungriest girl in the world” appetite. (I seriously eat like every 2 hours.) I knew that was bound to happen at some point during this pregnancy, but what I was surprised to learn was that my typical pregnancy “cravings” or go-to’s are generally of the vegetable variety. Give this girl a salad, a veggie flatbread, and a weekly CSA basket, and I’m one happy camper. Sure, I still indulge in dessert, and have been known to be a bit of a carb-addict on occasion, but my only real true cravings thus far have been for the healthy stuff – thank goodness!

That being said, I wanted to do another Daily Eats post, to not only keep track of what I’ve been chowing down on, but also to address some of my earlier eating concerns from the beginning of pregnancy. As I mentioned in my first Daily Eats post, I started seeing a nutritionist to make sure that I was getting in everything I needed to for our Little Bean. She apparently was concerned about my weight gain thus far (i.e. that it was too much), but I was really more concerned about my new aversion to meat and the need to up my protein intake.

In the end, I’m so glad that I went to see her for the piece of mind that I got, but what I really learned was that sometimes I have to just trust myself. Yes, I’m gaining lots of weight during pregnancy, and yes, it is particularly scary for a moment each time I get on the scale, but I am growing a little human here. Moreover, even if meat is not my thing right now, I’ve learned a variety of ways to get in other forms of protein to keep me and Little Bean growing strong; just like after surgery, it’s all about adaptation. (Soy meat, cottage cheese, and milk are now go-to’s. Seafood is another great option, although I admittedly have to limit it to two times a week.) My nutritionist did help me find a protein supplement too that I can mix into a morning shake when I’m feeling particularly low, for instance on a day like yesterday. And, as long as I’m being mindful, I can generally get in enough calories so I didn’t need to worry to much in the first place.

I’ve also learned to develop a bit of a “f*ck it” attitude. Sometimes, I’m just going to want a Starbucks scone. Is it crazy high in calories? Yep. Is it a carb that I shouldn’t really be eating? Absolutely. But, is it also damn delicious? You bet. I’m not perfect, nor would I ever want to be. All I can do is to try my best, and if I want to indulge a bit so be it. No one likes to admit it, but being pregnant is hard work! In other words, I deserve it.

6 am – Wake up. Hit the snooze, then think better of it and just turn the damn alarm off. I need extra sleep today.

6:55 am – Finally get out of bed, swig some water, and get ready for the day.

8:30 am – Starbucks cranberry orange scone.

9:00 am – Grande decaf coffee frappuccino with skim milk and whip. (And, yes, I realize that adding whip totally counteracts the skim milk, but I defy you turn down whip cream when you’re 25 weeks pregnant… you just can’t.)

10:00 am – Protein shake with frozen banana, spoon full of peanut butter, and organic skim milk.

12:15 pm – Miso soup, cucumber and avocado roll with brown rice, and mixed vegetable roll with brown rice.

3 pm – 2 handfuls of Cheesy Jalapeno Popcorner Chips.

4 pm – Bite of a co-worker’s cookie (not a euphemism.. it was peanut butter).

6 pm – Snack on sugar snap peas on the way home from work – a total lifesaver when you’re stuck in traffic, and fresh from the CSA.

9:15 pm – Approximately 4 or 5 bites of a soy meat soft taco with part-skim cheese, avocado, Greek yogurt, salsa, and black bean dip. I’m a girl that likes her toppings.  (Unfortunately, this was way too long to go between real meals so even the four bites were enough to get me sick. This is a leftover from surgery, but I find that it has gotten even worse since being pregnant. After the failed dinner attempt, I hopped into the shower and tried to go to bed, but did eventually wake up because I was hungry – go figure – so I had B grab me a late-night snack.)

11:25 pm – Weight Watchers’ Vanilla Fudge Swirl Snack Ice Cream Cone. They are a perfect mini treat and when you can satisfy your ice cream fix for only 90 calories it’s a total win-win!

(Also sprinkled throughout the day were various cups of water.)

What are some of your favorite vegetarian protein options?

xoxo – SavvySleever

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