Cravings & My 1st “Real” Meal

During my initial 30 day period after surgery, I was fanatical about following “the program.”  My doctor recommended a liquid diet for 3-4 weeks, so I lived off of tomato soup, sugar free popsicles, and my protein shakes.  But 30 days of liquids, after 26 years of eating (give or take), can lead to some pretty unusual cravings for me.

My top list of cravings included: cucumber salad, green beans, and salmon sashimi.  I was clearly craving texture – as the only real chewing I was doing came from my Flinstones multivitamin – but I am also a sushi addict.  In fact, I think the 30 days after surgery was the longest I had ever gone without sushi since my husband and I first met.  (Our first dozen or so dates were sushi dates.)  I wasn’t able to transition to crunchy vegetables right away, so after I was cleared for food my first “real” meal was salmon sashimi and miso soup.


I was able to eat only 1 slice of salmon, cut into small pieces, and it was a serious struggle.  I was incredibly nauseous for hours after, and to be honest, it just wasn’t what I had expected my first meal to be.  After waiting a month to chew real food, it was kind of a disappointment, both because of the nausea and the flavor just wasn’t what I remembered.  I also discovered that I no longer liked pickled ginger, which I used to eat by the chopstick full.

However, as I was getting over my disappointment I was reminded by my very wise husband that just like the liquid stage, food would also be a process.  And, he was right.

After almost four weeks of eating “real” food I can happily report that I no longer get nauseous from eating and salmon sashimi is my favorite food again – and a staple in my new diet!  It is a great source of protein and feels like an indulgence.  Plus, it is the one food that I can easily figure out approximately 4 oz of when I am out to eat.  (Usually, I only eat 2 or so ounces, because I’m so scared of going over.  Then, I’m hungry again when I get home.)

In the end, I’m reminded yet again that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and while those first 10 miles can seem almost impossible, it makes crossing the finish line all the more sweet.

xo – SavvySleever

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